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Note : $tuffs ($0.00004) are also referred to as Points.

At our main Index page click Start! from the Top-Left-hand side menu or by clicking ''Let's Go'' button, place your Email address into the box and you will be taken to your Member Area where you can use the Promote Box, View Ads & allot more! -- For example, Click 'View Ads' to start earning small amounts of cash! Each ad visit will credit $tuffs to you, that have a cash value. You must wait at least 60 seconds before you are rewarded for your efforts. Simply click the ''Click To Confirm'' button after the countdown. This will verify that you have viewed the advert/sponsor followed by a Human Check where you will match a Shape/Image. You can come back and re-visit adverts every 72 Hours.

You must own at least a PayPal account and be verified, to be accepted for payments. Payment requests should take no more than 14 working days to clear. Payout option will only appear when you have reached $1+ earnings or 25,000 $tuffs (On some occasions the minimum payout can be lower than $1. You will see the real-time minimum payout notice within your earning area. You will also have the option to redeem your earnings for Gift Cards and Advertising.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) when visiting our adverts, must be an established ISP service. At least 90% of your ad-visits must be showing a valid IP-Address that's resolvable to it's ISP name.

Timing is tracked on each ad-visit you make. You can see partial data of tracked ad-visits when in your earning area by clicking 'My Activity Log'. You are requested to wait 60 seconds for each advert to run its course. Trying to visit multiple adverts at once will only get your account cancelled. All earnings accumulated prier will be lost.

You agree to visit at least one advert within your earning area every year to keep your account from being deleted. Checks will be made on accounts between March/April. Accounts that show no 'Advert Visits' over 12 Months will be deleted from our database including all backups that contain the same ID. All earnings accumulated up to this period will be lost.

You can earn more by referring Whatstuff to your favourite sites or friends & family. Please check 'Affiliates' section of this page for more information.

Advertisers / Refunds
What$tuff run ad campaigns to suite most advertisers.

Each member can only earn credit for visiting your site once approximately every 72 hours. You are guaranteed unique visits for your spend that spread over the member-base evenly. This ensures value in ad exposure that is not wasted on the same few visitors. Members are welcome to come back every 3 days to re-visit your advert if they choose.

When your advert has been viewed by a member, it stays static and can still be seen, beside newer adverts. Although the same advert can be viewed again, members will not be credited the second time unless a 72-hour period has passed.

Members must view your site content for a minimum of 60 seconds before they are credited for the view (counter is displayed). Your advert stays on-screen with an option to open in a new window, until a member is done finalizing the view.

No login account is needed to see your active ad campaigns! The real-time hits, ad expire count & advertiser ID is displayed alongside your ads. (always seen from index page by clicking 'demo').

Ad Orders are dealt within 72 hours of payment max. Check our advertise section for more information.

Ad Order - Refunds:
If you are not happy with your Ad Order and would like a refund, please request via the email that you had used during initial Ad Order payment. You must request your refund within 72 Hours. Refunds will be made first followed by removal of your Advertisement. Contact email to get in touch with us is stated below.

Send email to admin [a] (Advertisers) If you need to send file attachments, they can only be accepted in .jpg .gif .txt .rtf .bmp .psd .tga and a maximum of 10mb in size. Please allow 72 hours for a response.

There is no account needed to join our affiliate program! All is setup and ready to go! When you visit ads at your earn section, you can pick up your referral link & banners by clicking 'My Referrals' within your earning area. Earn 10% for all your referral's efforts. Good luck.

You agree to sign-up for only one (1) account per house hold and IP Address (Multi-accounts sharing same router/wireless/broadband connection/dialup are forbidden) You agree to use an ISP (Legal Internet service Provider) You agree Whatstuff must terminate your account if your ISP/IP Address can not be resolved into a name/company serving internet access in your country. You agree to visit at least one advert/website per year to keep your account active. Checks are made on dormant accounts between the 10th and 20th of each month. Accounts that show null 'Ad Visits' for 1 year or more, will be deleted from our database and including all backups that contain the same ID. All earnings accumulated up to this period will also be lost.


You agree that your 10% earnings from each of your referral efforts are only paid to your account if these members are still active as a Whatstuff member.

Referral efforts are credited to your account and will only be released when you have reached the minimum payout. You can check the minimum payout within the earning area.

You will be paid by Whatstuff through PayPal if you are a verified PayPal user. Payment will only be made to the 'PayPal/Email ID' that accumulated this balance. When you have reached the minimum payout, you will clearly see a new alert box for requesting your payment.

Ad CONTENT (Advertisers)

Whatstuff reserves the right to cancel adverts that we deem inappropriate to the focus of our members. We will only accept G-rated content pertaining to G-rated web sites that are not linked in any way to other sites outside this rating. Think of your site being legal and acceptable viewing for children and it should be fine. 


Dishonest practices including artificial inflation of clicks, mouse over redirection, automatic redirection, auto page refresh, using a device, program, or other means to increase the click ratio, WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. Hiding our promotion ads is not permitted. Ad fraud is closely monitored on all Ad Visit pages and is easily identified. Accounts that show repetitive logs between time spans faster than the 20 seconds, will with no hesitation be deleted/removed from our service. We must! and will protect the advertising space/exposure for our advertisers and clients who use the service as tented.

Representations and Warranties (Advertisers)

You, as site Operator, warrant and represent that you own or operate a lawful, and otherwise valid Internet Web site. You further represent that you have the requisite power and authority to enter into this Agreement and perform the obligations set forth herein and that you are an adult at least eighteen (18) years of age; that performance under this Agreement does not and will not constitute a breach of any existing contract or obligation undertaken by you; and that there are no outstanding orders, judgments, decrees, rules or regulations which would preclude you from entering into this Agreement. You shall indemnify Whatstuff and its shareholders, officers, directors, employees and assigns against any loss, damage, liability (including legal fees) which result from the use of any Whatstuff materials not expressly authorized by this Agreement.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability:

Whatstuff makes no warranties, either express or implied, with regard to the performance of the link or the content and Whatstuff expressly disclaims any warranties, including that of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Whatstuff shall not be held liable to the site Operator or any other person or entity, including users of Whatstuff services, for any losses, injuries or damages of any kind, arising from or in connection with any mistakes, omissions, delays, errors, interruptions in the transmission or receipt of Whatstuff services or content.

Term and Termination of Agreement:

The term of this Agreement shall be indefinite. Whatstuff reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, without cause. Delivery of notice via e-mail shall be considered sufficient notice to you.
Upon termination of this Agreement you shall immediately cease using Whatstuff's marks and remove Whatstuff's link(s) from your sites. Any warranties, indemnities and obligations, which by their nature are designed to survive termination, shall extend beyond the termination of this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement you shall be entitled to all unpaid commissions earned prior to the date and hour of termination. However, you shall not be entitled to receive commissions for referrals delivered after the date of termination. Whatstuff, Inc. reserves the right to terminate users from our service without advance notification for any reason. In such case you will be notified by e-mail immediately and paid for all commissions accumulated up to that point in time, except in cases where it is determined you have violated this agreement in any material way. By way of example, but not limitation, material breaches would include the use of blind links, hits coming from any type of meta tag refreshers, hit generated by scripts or applets.

Acceptance and Execution of Agreement:

By submitting the 'Start Earning' link you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and Whatstuff is agreeing to become a counter-party to the Agreement. The date of execution shall be the date on which the data is forwarded to Whatstuff's Server.

Whatstuff have the right to change / update the terms of service with out notice. A link will be posted on our index page for a 30 day period after each alter.

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